Tryouts will be held the week of April 1-5 at the Hallenborg Rink!

Registration Process:

The registration fee for tryouts $65.00 which is a NON-REFUNDABLE FEE and is NOT included in your tuition cost.

The tryout registration process is on our new website. Simply click on one of the links below:

Click here to register for Travel Mite through Bantam 2024-25 tryouts

Click here for Midget 2024 Tryouts

1) Click "register"

2) Click "sign up"

3) Enter an email that you want to be notified in the future for games and practices and enter a password

4) Check your email for a verification email notification and click on the link to activate your account

5) Login and enter your profile information and the new participant (player) information

6) Click "register +", then click "register" again

7) Choose the participant you are registering and enter the USA hockey number

8) Enter the "home address" of the player and click "continue"

9) Answer the tryout questions and click "continue"

10) Select "2024-25 tryouts" and click "continue"

11) Enter payment information and click "complete registration"