Billerica Hockey Association(BHA) is a non-profit youth hockey association open to all Billerica youths eighteen (18) and under.BHA is organized to provide youths with a recreational amateur hockey development program implemented through skill develop

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Welcome to the Billerica Hockey Association

Welcome to Billerica Hockey Association's home on the Web. Here, you are able to get news, information, schedules, game results, directions and much much more. BHA has many hockey programs along with figure skating. Let us know what you think or any suggestions you may have. Check back frequently for new items and the latest information about BHA.

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Head Coaching Applications for 2021-22
Attention All Coaches!   Would you like to be a head coach...
COVID restrictions
We need EVERYONE to keep doing your part in our Program....
Learn to Skate 2020-21 starting this weekend!
The learn to skate program will be starting on October 3rd and...
Head Coaching Applications for 2021-22

Attention All Coaches!


Would you like to be a head coach in the upcoming season? If so, please visit the link below and fill out an application form which will be open until 1/31/2021.


Interviews will follow shortly after all applicaitons are collected. We will notify each applicant a time slot and location (possibly online) prior to the interview.


We thank you all for your time and interest!


by posted 01/16/2021
COVID restrictions

We need EVERYONE to keep doing your part in our Program. This is VERY Important to BHA we do not need One Person to ruin this for the entire Program

Rules of the rink!

1. EVERYONE should wear a mask!

2. ONLY ONE Parent should be attending Practice and Games. Trust us we know its tough but this is the RULES and we need to do our part. Please do your best to keep siblings at home.

3. When in the stands please be SOCIAL DISTANCING.

4. If you or your child has any COVID Symptoms PLEASE KEEP THEM HOME.

This includes, Cough, runny nose, Fever, Stomach upset, headache. If you develop any of these symptoms we recommend being tested. If you are not tested and believe you do not have COVID, if your child has a stomach bug, etc. Please make sure they are symptom free without any medication for at least 48 hours before returning to the ice.

5. If your Child plays for another team and that other team develops COVID please do not return to our program until you receive a NEGATIVE COVID Test.

6. Please enforce NO sharing Water Bottles. Please bring your own labeled water.

As Always I thank you all for your cooperation!

Tony Medeiros

BHA President

by posted 10/15/2020
Learn to Skate 2020-21 starting this weekend!

The learn to skate program will be starting on October 3rd and 4th 2020 through to February 2021.

You can register now! 

Registration link:

After registering review the details below!


Learn to Skate will begin this weekend Sat October 3rd at 10:20am and Sun Oct 4th at 12:50pm. You are welcome to attend both sessions, if you can only make one that is completely fine but we encourge both to make sure you are getting the most of the program.

First! This Thursday Oct 1st! I will be in the Parking Lot at the Hallenborg Rink from 6:00pm to 7:30pm in my Black Tahoe SUV- I will be there to hand out New Shirts to all Learn to Skate Players.

You Must have priorRegister with USA Hockey- This is mandatory for all players at any age level and is done on a yearly basis. Simply log in to USAHOCKEY.COM and follow prompts to register player. Please print out BarCoded Number assigned to your player and bring to me On thursday when picking up your shirt. If you can not print write the entire USA number on a piece of paper with players full name.

Last thing you will need is... which is attached to the bottom of this email-

The " BHA COVID WAIVER"- please sign and bring with you as well- i will have extra copies if you have an issue printing. Its also under "Documents" on the home page of the site.

Usually all players have access to the locker rooms and they would gear up in there and leave their bags and belongings in the locker room during their session.

However, the process has completely changed this year due to the Rinks Covid Policies. You must come FULLY DRESSED to the rink- Please dress in all gear before entering the rink, with the exception of skates and helmet- You can put your skates on when you arrive at the designated areas on the bleachers.

** MASKS MUST BE WORN *** All Parents must wear a Mask the entire time and Children need a mask when their not on the ice!

***Bring your own Water Bottle Labeled!

Entering the Rink- You must enter at the top enterance of the rink. and EXIT from the lower enterance.

Please read below of all Rink Policies and Procedures. We appreciate everyones cooperation and so far our program has followed the directions.Please read all regulations carefully.


Returning to the Rink Rules and Regulations

  1. All Payments need to be made on Time Please, We do not want to have to suspend anyone.

  2. If you child is not feeling well. Please keep them home. If your child has any of the following they must stay home, flu like symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing. Chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, loss of taste or smell.

  3. If you child develops COVID please have them remain out of the program for a least 14 days. Please notify your team coach immediately.

  4. Everyone must wear a mask at all times while in the rink. Players can remove mask to skate on the ice during practice. During games Masks must be worn while on the bench. The Center must wear a mask during a faceoff then can pull down.

  5. All Coaching Staff must wear a mask at all times on and off the ice.

  6. Only 25 kids are allowed on the ice at all times. During practices we will need to do shifts to have the correct number on the ice at all times. No Joint team warm ups due to max capacity of players on the ice.

  7. When entering in the building you must enter from the Top Entrance. The exit will be another door on the lower level of the rink. Please do not enter through the lower entrance.

  8. Only arrive 10-15 mins prior to your scheduled time. This is the time you will need to put on your skates, and helmet. You must come Fully Dressed! You should only need to put on your Skates and Helmet and be ready to Skate. ( remember masks must be wore until skating )

  9. No One should be arriving anytime earlier than the 10-15mins. No other children should be running around the rink. Please prepare to be hanging outside if you have other children to occupy. Only One Parent/Guardian per player is allowed.

  10. Exiting the rink, please take off skates and exit the building no hanging out and talking, please exit the building and have your discussions outside (social distancing).

  11. Locker rooms are only available to goalies and one guardian. They will be only players allowed in the locker rooms.

  12. All Players for the entire season must supply their own water bottles. No sharing!! Please make sure to label all your players equipment and water bottles. Please advise all players to only use what is theirs.

  13. Cross Ice Mites Rules: Only 4 kids on the Bench at a time. Other players will have a waiting area outside the boards with proper coaching staff. No more than 1 -2 coaches on the bench at all times. Other coaches will be supervising the players off the bench and coordinating shifts.

  14. No Checking is Allowed at all Levels this year ( this is all levels, and includes Midgets)

  15. Refs will be blowing the whistles faster and the ice set up will be somewhat different.

  16. There is absolutely NO Bullying allowed at any time. This includes, on ice, off ice, in the parking lot, in a locker room, NO Where! Coaches have the right to pull any player off the ice if he/she is being disrespectful in any way, hitting another player, talking negative, etc. BHA does not tolerate this behavior. If we have a circumstance where this happens the incident will be reported to the discipline committee and actions will be taken.


    **We as a program need to work together as a team! The Board of Health will be doing walk in’s and making sure we are obeying the rules. We do not want to be fined or suspended. We understand that this is not what we are all use to, however let’s enjoy what we have and that is hockey!  We appreciate your cooperation.


We look forward to seeing you on Thursday Oct 1st for Shirt Pickup and Saturday at 10:20 for your first session!!!!!!!!!

by posted 09/10/2020
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